About This Blog

ShoalBehaviour is all about this:

Image thanks to ifindkarma under creative commons license

…also this:

A wedge of starlings. Geograph.org.uk via wikimedia commons

…and especially this:

Mosh-Pit at a heavy metal concert. Photo courtesy of The World’s Best Ever via creative commons

Have you ever just thought… you know… maybe there’s more to everything? Or maybe less? Maybe it’s all just a lot more goddam simple than we thought…?

Anyway, this is me:

err… this is me drinking coffee and feeling fine


My name’s Chris, I’m a freelance writer and research director for an AI startup called Mandorla. You can hire me on people per hour, though I’d prefer if you tweet @140FlockProject or message me here.

I love the ocean and everything in it (except the rubbish), I love data, I love the forest, and probably, if I get to know you properly, I love you too!

I really hope you enjoy my blog, I’d love to hear from you.

Dive In…

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