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The 140Flock Project

How many characters make a story?

ShoalBehaviour is now live on Twitter @140flockproject for an ‘Ultraflash’ Fiction series exploring the limits of prose.

Come and have a look

Even better, have a go yourself! Anything less than 141 characters is ok by me.

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Fragments. Arranged later into what grand fictions?
Gasps. Cries stifled. Aborted in the womb.

What is it in the act of travel that opens the floodgates? Joins the dots. I mean this not in some faux-conscious half stumbling bourgeoise dream, a simulcrum of understanding-through-travel, as in: “What did you do in your gap yaar Stuart?” “Me…? Oh I travelled. Found myself, you know.”
No. Rather travel in the Newtonian sense. A movement from A to B via C. A parabola. An arc of time.

And if, in mid flight, at 16,000 feet the great propeller outside my window had shed a blade, sent it whirling into the darkness, into the void beneath. If the plane had shuddered, sideslipped, lost altitude. Whiffled it’s way towards the inevitable ground. Would I have wept? Or cried out in wild, unbridled, oceanic glee?